Csillagom winter wine tour in Nemesnádudvar


On December 2022, 10, the Nemesnádudvar cellars welcome visitors to the open cellars and wine houses as part of the 'Csillagom winter wine tour'. Wine tour stops: Gruber Winery, Melcher Winery, Leirer Winery, Hollósy Winery, Bély Winery, Engelhardt Winery, Mezőfi Winery. In addition to wine tastings, a visit to a wine museum, a painting exhibition, and a craft fair also add color to the atmosphere of the wine tour! Additional information can be found on the website https://csillagombortura.hu.


December 10, 2022 (12:00 am) – December 10, 2022 (12:00 am)


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