Csongrád Wine Festival 2022

Csongrád Wine Festival - August 2022-19, 21.

In Csongrád, in the late afternoon of August 2022, 19, this year's series of events will begin with the procession of the members of the Szent Vince wine order and the recruitment of new members. During the three days, you can taste the products of many local wine producers.

Wine tastings aimed at the general public have an important role, because if we manage to persuade the public to make a conscious choice, not to drink, but to taste, enjoy and learn to analyze what goes into their glass, we are already getting closer to a demanding wine culture. 

Many people believe that wine culture begins where they can talk about wine. This is undoubtedly true, but in order to talk about wine, we must first taste it. To learn to compare and formulate our opinion.

In addition to delicious wines, great concerts, a real festival atmosphere, and street food await those interested. 

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