Let the best wine in the city of Csongrád be yours!

In 2022, the "Csongrád City Wine 2022" wine competition was held again in Csongrád for the wine producers operating in the Csongrád Hegyközség area. Entries for the first stage of the competition have already been made, the "Audience Wine" will be selected on July 2022, 8, where the audience's vote will decide, "Csongrád Város Wine" will be awarded based on the opinion of a special professional jury.

According to the announcement, the purpose of the event is: "cultivating grape growing and winemaking traditions, enhancing the reputation of Csongrád wine, promoting products associated with the city's name, and further building international relations." 

Previously from the Csongrád wine region we wrote about it here.

Visit the Csongrád wine region, our article below will help you find your way around the many sights and wines. 

Information about the event can be found at the following link: https://www.csongrad.hu/csongrad-varos-bora-2022/

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