2022.08.13 Wine Regions Date: in Szentpéteri and Kunság Tálli

We organize wine tasting programs in Tállya, at the Oroszlános Wine Estate, where our own estate wines and the most outstanding items from Tokaj-Hegyalja are lined up in our wine cellar.

Our August guest is the Szentpéteri Wine Cellar in Kunság.

The wine cellar of the Szentpéteri family does not have to hide in the corner when it comes to wines awarded at various competitions: they win domestic and international accolades one after another.

The Alföld, known for its light wines, can not only be relaxed and summery in their interpretation - Attila Szentpéteri's serious, premium Cabernet rosé made from vineyard-selected ingredients is liked by everyone who tastes it, from the layman to the wine expert.

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