Wine park (Vinski park) in Vojvodina in August

Wine park (Vinski park) in Vojvodina in August

Sunny Serbia and its magnificent vineyards, thousands of years old vineyards have a long history behind them. Grapes and wine have always provided refreshment and health for the locals.

Sremska in Mitrovica, at the confluence of the Serai plain, the Macsao plain and the Tarcal Mountains (Fruška Gora), in the magnificent town on the left bank of the Sava, has Merry wine producers to the final consumer. 

The town of Sremska Mitrovica is pleased to invite you to its wine festival, the Vinski park, which will be held on August 21 at the Gradski park in Sremska Mitrovica. 

Of course, the experience of good company and the right wine will only be complete if we know the history and origins of the wines.

The Wine Park is also a perfect choice for “learning,” as all the actors in the professional performers will come from the elite of winemakers.

More details coming soon!

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